Pre Joining:

This procedure commence whenever a client approves a proposed seafarer.

a) Prepare the following documents for handing over to seafarer:

1) Joining letter- contract of employment

2) Annexes to Joining Letter

3) Guarantee letter with flight schedule and agents style

4) Medical Report- received from the doctor.

5) Physical Examination Report

6) Drug and alcohol Test results

7) HIV test – if required by company

8) Pre joining Medical History form

9) NMD Health Certificate-NIS vessel only

10) Employment Agreement-NIS vessel only

11) National Insurance -NIS vessel only

12) CrewNet data sheet

13) Vessel particulars

14) Briefing form

15) Company contacts list

16) Instructions for sea staff going to Client premises for briefing

17) Training Book with relevant attachments, as per Client requirements

18) Electronic ticket

19) OK to Board (where joining country visa is not required, prior to departure

of the seafarer but can be done by the agent on arrival).

b) Relevant copies of the above shall be filed in seafarer’s personal file at office.

c) Seafarers shall be given the opportunity to peruse their Joining Letter-Contract of Employment and in force Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Any doubts of seafarers shall be clarified prior to signing the Joining Letter- Contractof Employment.

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