Planning and Career Development

Planning and Career Development

Activities are planned in such a manner that there is a reliever planned for every position on board occupied by staff from Romania, unless specifically advised by our Principals/Client.

1.         Reliever is planned taking the following factors into consideration

-           completion of earned vacation;

-           notice of readiness given at debriefing meeting;

-           relevant experience, or lack of it, on particular type of  vessel or engine;

-           appraisal reports from previous vessels;

-           licence requirements;

-           promotion prospects, if applicable;

      -           further training needs, as identified in their previous appraisal report or as per client requirements.

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Planning and Career Development


20.12.2013 - Barklav - Christmas Party 2013

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26.04.2010 - Barklav - 10th Anniversary 17th May 2010

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