In charge as head of department is the Chief Accountant which is supervising accounting procedures required by the Romanian Authority on one hand and BKV-RO Principal particular procedures on the other.

The following reports are deemed to be prepared by accounting department – Chief Accountant in direct liaison with the GM.

aa. Office budget cost for the coming year – This is usually done yearly on October and sent to the BKV RO board for approval.

bb. Monthly Accounting reports:

  • Requested by Romanian Authority
  • Requested by BKV RO Principal
  • Office expenses – Disbursement of account
  • Office expenses – Statement of account including Monthly office cash request
  • Monthly budget follow up
  • Manning report and manning fee invoices report

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20.12.2013 - Barklav - Christmas Party 2013

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26.04.2010 - Barklav - 10th Anniversary 17th May 2010

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